Dear Flight Attendants,

There has been a lot going on the last two weeks with negotiations, local and MEC elections and the industry.

Your negotiators were in the crew rooms during the week of June 12 to request your support and signatures on the postcard campaign. We were able to have a lot of postcards signed but if you haven’t signed one yet, please find one of the following representatives to sign your card! This campaign could not have come at a better time! PSA, Piedmont and Envoys announcements that they have increased starting pay to $27.00 came as cards were already being mailed to Mesa President Michael Lotz. As we go back into negotiations this week, pay will be at the top of our list for negotiating!

Local and MEC representative that have cards for you to sign are:

DFW:  Doris Davis, Dora Quinonez, Becca Quinonez, Victoria Bristow, Jacque Godwin, Brandon Fabian, Brianna Hale, Wendie Dyal.

IAD:  Amanda Vance, Melissa Stroud, Alessandra Boada.

IAH:  Kellie Kretschmer, Brittany Riley, Shannon Harris.

PHX:  Susanna Diaz, Todd Kruse, Rosanna Scollo

Elections for Council 44 - IAH were completed on June 14, 2022. Those elections ended with a tie for LEC President and LEC Vice President. LEC Secretary is Lisa Depascalis, who took office on June 15th. There will be a runoff for the LECP and VP positions. Ballots will be mailed on 6-27-22 to all members in good standing. If your address is not up to date with AFA, please go to our website at, click on the membership tab and update your address today! Voting will open on 7-1-22 and close on 7-21-22. The term will begin on 7-22-2022. No write ins will be allowed. Please remember that only members in good standing that are based in IAH can vote in this election. There were only 17 votes cast in the election out of the 268 eligible voters. We hope to see a much better turn out for the runoff! It is not your privilege as a union member to vote, it is your RIGHT!

Due to injuries sustained in an accident that occurred on April 21, 2022, Clark Gonzales was forced to resign from Mesa on June 15th. Clark had been elected as LEC President for Council 56 – PHX. Since he was unable to take office, there will be a special election for LEC President only. Rosanna Scollo was elected LECVP and Sandi Mills as LEC Secretary. They will take office on July 1, 2022. Nominations will be mailed out on 6-27-22 to all members in good standing. If your address is not up to date with AFA, please go to our website at, click on the membership tab and update your address today! Nominations will open on 7-1-22 and close on 7-21-22. Election ballots will be mailed on 8-15-22. Voting will open 8-19-22 and close on 9-9-22. Please remember that only members in good standing that are based in PHX can nominate candidates or vote in this election. Only 22 of the eligible 106 members voted in the election. We hope to see a much better turn out for this special election! Voting is your RIGHT as a union member!

On May 12, the MEC Officers were elected. Because there was a tie for the MEC Vice President position, there was to be a runoff on June 27th with the newly elected LECP from Council 44 being the tie breaker. Since that election resulted in a tie and is not complete, we will have to wait until there are three LEC Presidents in office to elect a MEC Vice President. As a result, we will not have a MECVP effective July 1, 2022. An election for this position will be scheduled as soon as the LEC Presidents are elected and take office.

Over the last few weeks, we have been working on migrating our emails to a new host. Unfortunately, Google Legacy is changing to a paid service that is astronomical in cost to our Councils and MEC. We have found a cost friendlier option and they will go into effect immediately. Please update your contacts with the new addresses. These will also be posted to the website at  We apologize for the disruption, but we were unable to use the emails that we had as google has marked them as “unavailable.”

MEC and LEC Officers

MEC President
Maggie Fox
[email protected]
(480) 751-7796

MEC Vice President
Currently vacant
[email protected]
(no one will respond from this address until a MECVP is elected)

MEC Secretary/Tresurer
Melissa England
[email protected]

Council 44 IAH

Temporary LEC President
Shannon Harris
[email protected] 
(281) 757-1586

LEC Secretary
Lisa Depascalis
[email protected]

Council 56 PHX

LEC President
Currently vacant
[email protected]
(no one will respond from this email until this position is elected)

LEC Vice President
Rosanna Scollo
[email protected]
(347) 799-5966

LEC Secretary
Sandi Mills
[email protected]

COUNCIL 88 DFW-IAD-SDF (Effective July 1, 2022)

LEC President
Kelley Thomson
[email protected] (615) 430-4389

LEC Vice President
Rachel Jones
[email protected] 
(317) 696-3057

LEC Secretary
Wendie Dyal
[email protected]

Your LEC President should always be your first point of contact for assistance. In the event they are unavailable, please reach out to your LECVP.

In Unity

Your LEC and MEC Officers




October 21, 2021

10 Hours Rest Implementation is Moving After Years of Obstruction
Three years ago, together we won our #FightFor10 with an overwhelming bipartisan vote to raise our minimum irreducible rest to 10 hours, equal with the pilots.

The prior administration didn’t follow congressional instruction on our 10 hours or hundreds of other safety initiatives in the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, and instead put our rest into a regulatory process that was meant to kill it.
We made clear the next President needed to make this a priority and our 10 hours minimum irreducible rest takes a big step toward implementation today. (Elections have consequences.)
Despite the outcome of congressional mandated fatigue studies that confirmed Flight Attendant fatigue is real and a safety/health risk, airlines have argued to the federal government that it would be too costly to implement 10 hours. You cannot put a cost on safety.
After the bill passed in October 2018, we negotiated with some airlines to include the 10 hour rest in our contracts, and got it implemented quickly after ratification. But this safety issue needs to be a federal rule that applies across the industry, and it’s all the more urgent with the schedules of long days and short nights due to reduced service from COVID, and the current conditions on our planes.
DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg put our 10 hours back on track, and after internal review with the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), where our union met to press the urgency and facts about implementation at some AFA airlines, the agency sent their review back to FAA over a month before the deadline.
The minute it hit FAA Administrator Steve Dickson’s desk last night he signed the order for a notice of our rule on rest. The rulemaking process now requires a comment period for 60 days, then the FAA will move to implement the final rule.
Fatigue is real. We need our 10 hours yesterday.
From President Biden, to Secretary Buttigieg, FAA Administrator Steve Dickson, and our champion Chairman Peter DeFazio who has never stopped fighting on this - we were heard and each of these leaders worked hard to undo the efforts to kill our hard won rest and put it back on track to implementation.
Together with APFA, TWU, IAM, ALPA and all of our allies, we will keep the heat on and press for full federal implementation as soon as possible. The fatigue we all feel has not stopped and neither will we until this rule is fully implemented.

We are so excited to announce the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of our MESA AFA WEBSITE! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of MEC Communications Chair Clark Gonzales, we finally got it done! Clark worked with the AFA International and CWA National offices to make this dream a reality and I could not appreciate him more! 

You will find informational updates, negotiations updates, Officer and Representative contact information and more! 

So go check it out! Let us know what you think by emailing [email protected]  

In Solidarity,

Maggie Fox

MEC President


On October 1st Our Per diem went up to $1.77. Check your pay on ADP.