Dear Flight Attendants,

As per usual, the company has sent out information without informing us first. Apparently, the mandatory vaccination for Canada will go into effect on January 15th. If you are flying into Canada in January or February, you are not vaccinated and are removed from your trip, please email your LEC President immediately. 

We have had multiple issues with contractual violations by crew scheduling. We are trying to get them fixed as soon as we are aware but we need you all to know your contractual rights on reassignments. Please read the contract section below. You can find it on page 52 of your contract. The sections highlighted are the five being violated the most. Please let your LEC President know if you have any of these happen to you. 

P.        Reassignment

1.         In the event a Line Holder involuntarily loses all or a portion of a Trip, she/he may be given a new Segment(s) for the same day(s) originally scheduled, provided the show time for the new Trip is no earlier than the show time for the originally scheduled Trip. All Credited Time outside of the original “footprint” each day will be paid at premium rates.  

2.         However, a Flight Attendant may be offered and elect to accept an assignment which is earlier than the show time for the originally scheduled duty day and will be paid the appropriate Premium Pay.  (Note: This means you do not have to accept the offered assignment and is by day, not pairing.)

3.         The Company will return the Flight Attendant to her/his original schedule as soon as practicable.  

4.         Any new assignment must return to Domicile and the Flight Attendant will be released at the end of the original Pairing.  

5.         Should a Flight Attendant modify a Pairing via the Scheduled Enhancement Software by adding or dropping flying at the beginning or end of a duty period, the daily footprint will change accordingly. 

6.         If only one Flight Attendant needs to be reassigned, the more senior qualified Flight Attendant will decide whether to accept the reassignment or pass it to the more junior qualified flight Attendant. 

7.         If the Company substitutes aircraft on any Segment of a Trip, the Flight Attendant(s) will be paid the greater of:

            a.         The originally scheduled flight time on a Segment basis; or

b.         The scheduled or actual flight time of the new/substitute aircraft on a Segment basis.

( NOTE: Please notice that it DOES NOT SAY Line holders can not be put on ready for any cancelled flight. )

Please be aware that the CDC has changed guidance for COVID 19, again. If you have questions or concerns please reach out to [email protected]. We recommend that you talk with the covid response team before getting tested. 

Health Benefits and Vacation Buy back
With the first paycheck of the year paid today, please go on ADP and check to make sure your benefits being deducted are correct and if you purchased vacation buy, that the deduction is being made. ADP made a lot of mistakes last year and they weren’t caught until late in the year. Please let your LEC President know if you need help with your deductions. 

In Unity,

Your LEC Presidents


October 21, 2021

10 Hours Rest Implementation is Moving After Years of Obstruction
Three years ago, together we won our #FightFor10 with an overwhelming bipartisan vote to raise our minimum irreducible rest to 10 hours, equal with the pilots.

The prior administration didn’t follow congressional instruction on our 10 hours or hundreds of other safety initiatives in the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, and instead put our rest into a regulatory process that was meant to kill it.
We made clear the next President needed to make this a priority and our 10 hours minimum irreducible rest takes a big step toward implementation today. (Elections have consequences.)
Despite the outcome of congressional mandated fatigue studies that confirmed Flight Attendant fatigue is real and a safety/health risk, airlines have argued to the federal government that it would be too costly to implement 10 hours. You cannot put a cost on safety.
After the bill passed in October 2018, we negotiated with some airlines to include the 10 hour rest in our contracts, and got it implemented quickly after ratification. But this safety issue needs to be a federal rule that applies across the industry, and it’s all the more urgent with the schedules of long days and short nights due to reduced service from COVID, and the current conditions on our planes.
DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg put our 10 hours back on track, and after internal review with the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), where our union met to press the urgency and facts about implementation at some AFA airlines, the agency sent their review back to FAA over a month before the deadline.
The minute it hit FAA Administrator Steve Dickson’s desk last night he signed the order for a notice of our rule on rest. The rulemaking process now requires a comment period for 60 days, then the FAA will move to implement the final rule.
Fatigue is real. We need our 10 hours yesterday.
From President Biden, to Secretary Buttigieg, FAA Administrator Steve Dickson, and our champion Chairman Peter DeFazio who has never stopped fighting on this - we were heard and each of these leaders worked hard to undo the efforts to kill our hard won rest and put it back on track to implementation.
Together with APFA, TWU, IAM, ALPA and all of our allies, we will keep the heat on and press for full federal implementation as soon as possible. The fatigue we all feel has not stopped and neither will we until this rule is fully implemented.

We are so excited to announce the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of our MESA AFA WEBSITE! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of MEC Communications Chair Clark Gonzales, we finally got it done! Clark worked with the AFA International and CWA National offices to make this dream a reality and I could not appreciate him more! 

You will find informational updates, negotiations updates, Officer and Representative contact information and more! 

So go check it out! Let us know what you think by emailing [email protected]  

In Solidarity,

Maggie Fox

MEC President


On October 1st Our Per diem went up to $1.77. Check your pay on ADP.