No Show Grievance (posted 01/19/2022)

Matter of Contention

Today’s matter of contention is Grievance # 27-99-2-22-21.  This grievance is also titled “MEC-No Show.”  MEC, as you may already know, stands for “Master Executive Council.”  An MEC Grievance is filed on behalf of all Mesa Flight Attendants.  Now, let’s explain the grievance.

Section 7.E.1. of the collective bargaining agreement provides:

A Flight Attendant who is unable to report for duty shall notify the Company as soon as possible, under most circumstances at least two (2) hours prior to a scheduled show time.

Note the operative words “Under most circumstances.”  This means that the incident in which a Flight Attendant has failed to report for duty must be individually evaluated prior to determining whether any action by management should be taken.  It appears that currently, the Company is automatically charging a “No Show” to any Flight Attendant who calls out with less than two hours’ notice.  Subsequently, if the Flight Attendant proves to management satisfaction that their situation reasonably provided less than two hours’ notice for the call to inform unavailability, Management will convert the “No Show” to a performance issue.  Moreover, Management is applying this formula to those Flight Attendants who call out for FMLA covered absences.

Our investigation leads us to conclude that these practices violate the collective bargaining agreement and possibly external law.  Just for one of many examples, often a Flight Attendant who calls out unavailable may not have at least two hours to provide notice, particularly if the call is made in the middle of a trip.  Accordingly, there should be no penalty attached, whether the penalty is attendance points or job performance related.

In anticipation of scheduling an arbitration of the grievance, we need to hear from you!  If you have called out unavailable for any reason with less than two hours notice, we need to know the story.  Please forward a copy of your schedule for the day you called out with less than two hours notice, plus a written explanation of why you could not provide at least two hours notice.  Please include whether you were on FMLA for the day.  We also need to know what penalty, if any, you received.  Please forward this information to the following email address: - [email protected].  We look forward to hearing from you.  Remember, you are not just helping yourself, but assisting all Mesa Flight Attendants to correct this wrong.