Negotiations Update (December 16, 2021)

Dear Flight Attendants,

Your Negotiations Team was back at the bargaining table with the company the week of December 6th. Below is an update on those talks. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet as much as we would have liked but are prepared to put in extra time in January to make up for lost time due to the company's unavailability.  

December 2021 Negotiations Update

Our December week was spent negotiating over the cleanup items.  Some of the items have been tentatively agreed upon and those are listed below.  The management committee needs to check with others in the company before a decision can be made on the remaining paragraphs.  These are also listed below.

Tentatively Agreed or TA’d means both teams agree to the language in the paragraph.  Once every provision of the contract has been TA’d, we will vote on it and if it ratifies, it will become our new contract.  The company team has indicated that they must have the language reviewed and approved by upper management even though they negotiated the language with us.  

Underlined words are the additions to the current contract language.  

TA’d Provisions:

Delete current 3.G.1-3 and replace with:  A Flight Attendant whose Trip is dropped for IOE shall be pay protected for the greater of the full credit value of the scheduled Trip or the reassigned flying.  Note:  Mesa didn’t have any aircraft which required more than one flight attendant when our contract was initially written and the provision about being removed from a trip because of IOE wasn’t updated when the two flight attendant aircraft arrived.  Now the language will match the current practice.    

New 7.U.4.  Displacements, Downgrades and Trips Dropped for IOE

The Company, at its option, may drop a Flight Attendant from her/his awarded Trip or more legs of an awarded Trip for the purpose of conducting IOE training for other Flight Attendants.  The Flight Attendant whose Trip is dropped can be reassigned additional flying within their originally assigned Footprint per duty period.

8.D. Bereavement Leave:    

The Company will grant five (5) consecutive days leave of absence in the event of a death in the Flight Attendant’s immediate family, i.e., spouse, partner, child, step child, grandchild, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, brother or sister. The Flight Attendant will contact the Company pursuant to 7.E.1. to call out and will be responsible for providing the proper documentation, per Company policy.  Bereavement leave will be paid from a Flight Attendant’s sick bank unless she/he directs Contract Administration to charge the leave to accrued vacation or to take the leave as unpaid.

Immediately following the five (5) consecutive days of bereavement, if the Flight Attendant requires an extension of time off due to bereavement, she/he may request up to an additional seven (7) consecutive days of bereavement and the pay will be handled as in the paragraph above.

In the event that a Flight Attendant requires more time off due to bereavement than is afforded by this section, please refer to 8.A. Personal Leave.    

28.H.  Hotel Rooms Before Trips 

H. Hotels 

1. A Flight Attendant who is eligible to use the Commuter Policy (i.e., a non-probationary Flight Attendant who has at least one (1.0) commuter-policy credit and has previously declared herself/himself to the Company as a commuter) may ask the Company to place her/him in a Company hotel, at the lowest rate available to the Company, for purposes of commuting to the Flight Attendant’s base for an assignment.  The request for a room will be made as soon as practicable but no later than 12 noon PHX the day prior to the requested hotel room.  Nothing herein precludes a Flight Attendant from requesting a hotel room with less notice and that request will be considered, time permitting.  

2. The hotel must be in the Domicile in which the Flight Attendant is based, and can be used the night before the Flight Attendant’s scheduled Trip or reserve duty or in between a Flight Attendant’s scheduled Trips or reserve duty.

Move current 7.O.3. to become new 7.E.5. The Company shall provide a toll-free number for Flight Attendants to contact Crew Scheduling and that number will be posted on the Company website.  

Still Under Discussion:

7.O.2.  Notification of Delayed or Cancelled Scheduled Departure 

This discussion arose from a dispute with the company.  At some point, crew scheduling decided that flight attendants needn’t be notified of a cancellation or delay if the captain was notified.  How they derived that from the sentence which begins, “The Company will notify flight attendants…”  is a mystery.  At the time of this dispute, Crew Scheduling acknowledged that notifying the captain instead of us is a violation of the agreement and through those discussions we agreed to a sideletter, but the company wouldn’t sign it even though it is currently in effect.  The company is currently following the current contract as written, however, we have proposed clarification language that we are discussing. 

This provision is still being negotiated and will be included in an eline once it’s been TA’d.

Future Negotiations:

Negotiations are scheduled to continue during the weeks of January 24th, February 21nd and March 28th.  

As always, if you have any questions, please email them to [email protected] and we will answer them as soon as we can. 

Please continue to check our website at for updates on negotiations as well as other AFA news.

Happy Holidays from your Negotiating Committee!

In Unity,

Maggie Fox, MEC President
Cathy Lindig, MECVP
Rosanna Scollo, Committee Member
Beth DeProspero, Senior Staff Negotiator