Negotiations Survey

Dear Flight Attendants:

The Negotiations Survey will be sent to members in good standing at 12:00 PHX time tomorrow, July 30, 2021. You will have until 23:59 on Friday, August 20, 2021 to complete and submit your answers. Follow instructions CAREFULLY! Each link is specific to that individual and CANNOT be shared! Once you submit your answers, you can not change them. Your answers are strictly confidential! Survey results will not be shared with you.

If you do not receive a survey, please email [email protected], from your personal email, with your name (as it appears on the roster), personal email and employee number. Once we verify your standing with AFA, you will receive a survey. If you are not in good standing, which means your dues are not up to date, we will reply with how to correct it.

Union begins with “U”! Get informed, get involved, and let your Voice be Heard!

Thank you,
Your Negotiations Team

Maggie Fox, MEC President
Cathy Lindig, MEC Vice President
Rosanna Scollo - Negotiations Committee Member
Beth DeProspero, AFA Staff Negotiator