We are looking for a Flight Attendant that would like to be a part of our grievance process. If you are interested, please copy, and paste the questions at the end of this email and send them, with your answers, your name, and your employee number by January 31, 2022 to [email protected]. The subject line should read “MEC Grievance Screening Committee.” Please remember that only members in good standing may apply. Extensive knowledge of Union operations is helpful. 


Committee Members: The Grievance Screening Committee will consist of the following individuals:

1. MEC President or her/his designee.

2. LEC President or her/his designee of the Council from which the grievance arose.

3. MEC Grievance Chair.

4. Two (2) Mesa AFA members in good standing. (Note: Only one position is currently vacant.)

5. AFA Staff Attorney assigned to the carrier. 

Purpose and Scope:

  1. This Committee is a volunteer position.
  2. This Committee should have a good working knowledge of the current contract and company policies and be willing to devote their time to this committee during screening meetings.
  3. The Committee will complete online Grievance training prior to attending a Grievance Screening Committee meeting but will not be authorized to file grievances.  
  4. The Committee will report to the MEC President or her/his designee. 
  5. The Committee shall agree and adhere to the AFA Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy.
  6. The Committee shall sign a confidentiality agreement.
  7. The Committee agrees and adheres to the Procedures and Standards as set forth below. 
  8. The Committee will meet as often as necessary but no less than once a year to review grievances petitioned to the System Board of Adjustments. 

Note: This Committee will go to the MEC President or her/his designee for questions or concerns. 


Procedure: Once the grievance has been petitioned to the System Board of Adjustment, it will

  1. Be reviewed by the committee to determine if it has merit and should be scheduled for arbitration.
  2. Submission of Additional Information: The grievant shall be encouraged to submit any additional information, documentation, offers of proof, etc. to the MEC Grievance Chair so that it can be considered during the grievance review.

Standard: The standard against which the committee will evaluate a grievance is whether or not it determines in good faith that the grievance has merit. This determination will be based on 

(1) the evidence in the file; 

(2) any additional investigation the Committee deems necessary; 

(3) the likelihood of success at arbitration on the merits of the grievance.

Vote: If the Grievance Screening Committee determines that the grievance lacks merit, the grievant will be notified that AFA will not represent the grievant at the System Board of Adjustment. The decision must be unanimous.

Notification to Grievant(s):

The Committee’s determination shall be communicated to the grievant(s), via Certified Mail, within ten (10) working days of the decision. The notification will also include what other remedies are available to the grievant(s).

Election Of MEC Grievance Screening Committee:

  1. Any member in good standing seeking a position on the MEC Grievance Screening Committee shall submit the questions listed below, their answers, name and employee number to the MEC by January 31, 2022 for election of the Committee. 
  2. A one year commitment is required to be considered for the committee. 

Questions to be Completed by Members Applying to be on the Grievance Screening Committee:

Below are the questions to answer if you are interested in being on the MEC Grievance Screening Committee. Please copy and paste the following questions and send them, along with your answers, name and employee number from your personal email to [email protected]. Please list “MEC Grievance Screening Committee” in the subject line. Only members in good standing may apply. 

  1. How long have you been with Mesa?
  2. What other positions have you held at Mesa? (i.e Recruiter, Instructor, Scheduler, Gate Agent, etc.)
  3. Where are you based?
  4. Have you ever held a position in our Union? If so, what position and when?
  5. Do you know how to file a grievance? If so, please explain how this is done. 
  6. Have you ever filed a grievance?
  7. What makes you a good candidate to be on the Grievance Screening Committee? 
  8. What is the primary job of a Union Representative? 

Selection will take place and notifications made by middle of February. We look forward to hearing from you!