Negotiations Update (October 12, 2021)

Dear Flight Attendants,

Your Negotiations Team met the week of September 13 to review and discuss the Negotiations Survey and to participate in a conference call with Inflight Management. 

During the conference call with Inflight Management we discussed the possibility of expediting our negotiations. They were receptive but are awaiting authorization from Senior Management before proceeding. We were able to schedule Negotiations meetings on November 5, 2021 during which we plan to exchange openers followed by November 15th through 19th to begin bargaining. 

We were excited to read the survey results and want to take a moment to thank everyone for their participation! While some answers were not unexpected at all, (i.e, pay) we did have a few items that surprised us with how often they were mentioned!  We have prioritized all items based on your responses and will begin working on our opener very soon! 

Unfortunately, we can not share the results of the survey with you but we did want to address some of the comments that were made. Note that the comments quoted below may be only a portion of the entire comment to address that specific topic. 

Questions, comments, concerns and responses:


  1. Family use of passes during MEDs. 

  2. Please make it so we ALWAYS have priority on our OWN metal, vacation passes should never get priority over us!

  3. Positive space to work would be a nice addition. 

  4. It would be nice to have better travel benefits, like passes, higher priority especially for commuting or for getting back to base for a shift.

  5. Positive space travel incentives for perfect attendance. Buddy passes. Free hotel and positive space incentive when helping the company for junior assignment/critical flying. 

  6. Vacation passes. I think it’s fair to put forth the idea of stopping main line's usage of vacation passes on our flights unless we are allotted vacation passes to use on their flights as well.

  7. Need better benefits with American for flight benefits and get what we had back.

  8. Have American agree to retirement flight benefits for us.

  9. Stop dependents from getting bumped on our own metal. We shouldn’t have to pay for our upgrades/benefits on AA.

  10. How about International jumpseat like (Mexico); How about buddy passes?

  11. Improve pass status. 


Flight benefits depend upon the contracts between Mesa and the major carriers.  We continually request Senior Management to negotiate better flight benefits on our behalf. 


  1. As I understand those planes (electric) will operate very short flights, which would be very short credit pay for us. 


These planes will be 19 seats or less and will not require Flight Attendants.

  1. It is important to negotiate line guarantee and cancellation pay for any type of cancellations or recrews on a line holder's schedule. 


These are currently in our contract. Please see Section 3. L. Cancellation pay, page 12 and O. Line guarantee, page 13. This also covers recrews.

  1. The Visa gift card OR 1 point reduction offers are a slap in the face when pilots are getting 200%.

  2. The incentive to pick up should be time and half not 0.5 - 1 attendance points or a $25 Visa gift card. 


We agree that the incentive is not acceptable and plan to address the issue during bargaining. 


  1. There should be a rulebook for PBS and it be given to each Flight Attendant.


If you are speaking about scheduling rules which are programmed into PBS, Section 7 of your contract is the ‘rulebook’. If you are speaking of learning how to build bids and use PBS, there are AFA Representatives in all bases to assist with this. For contact information, please visit the PBS tab under Officers and Committees on our new website at or the info page on PBS. 


  1. We need to fix the fact that we can’t put people junior to us on our no fly lists or that we can’t request people junior to us to fly with us. 


We operate with a Seniority based bidding system. Your schedule is built before anyone junior to you. If you are having problems with someone you are flying with, please reach out to EAP. You can find contact information for our EAP Representatives on the EAP tab under Officers and Committees on our new website at

  1. When someone drops a trip and a reserve gets it, the person that dropped the trip should not be allowed to take the trip back from us. 


We believe you mean when a person calls out for a trip, not dropped. If they drop it, they can not pick it back up. Picking up a trip you call out for is also a Seniority right. While we understand that it is frustrating for reserves, you will appreciate it when you become a line holder and need to call out for a portion of a trip. 

  1. Seniority should be by base. If you are in IAH for two years and go to DFW for 7 years and return to IAH, you have 1 year Seniority. If you go to SDF you have 0 seniority. 


 We believe you misunderstand how Seniority works. Seniority is based solely on your date of hire. Within your class, it is based on the last four of your social security number. Your Seniority doesn’t change unless you switch departments (i.e. Scheduling) and then return to Inflight. 

Your Seniority in each base can change, based on how many people in that base are Senior to you. Based on your example, you would have 9 years of Seniority when returning to IAH or swap to SDF. 


  1. Explain Reserve.


The purpose of reserves is to cover any open flying. Whether it is open time, call outs, diversions or due to crew timing out or being cancelled or delayed in an out station and requiring recrew in base. Reserves can be utilized in their base or sent to base assist at another domicile. 

Reserves at home are on standby for any assignment greater than 90 minutes. Ready reserves are at the airport to cover any flying that opens up with less than 90 minutes notice. Whether on ready or home reserve, reserves can not be released until crew scheduling releases them. They can be called at any time during their shift - even at the last minute.

While we do understand that it is difficult to be at the company's beck and call while on duty, reserves are necessary to protect the airline's operations. 


  1. Fix our hotels. 


Hotels are currently chosen based on the pilot language rather than ours. They have more language in their contract than we do. Please fill out API reports for every overnight you have. This helps the hotel committee identify not only problem hotels but good ones as well! We must have the API reports as documentation to compel the company and API to work with us. Basically, if there isn’t an API report, it didn’t happen! You can get to the API link by clicking on the Hotel tab under Officers and Committees on our new website at You can also download the MyCrewCare app for easier API reports. 


We hope our responses to some of the comments on the survey clarify some things and help alleviate some of the misunderstandings of others. Please remember, YOU are your best advocate! Read your contract! Your Officers and Representatives won’t know your contract is being violated unless you know! 

In Unity,

Your Negotiations Team

Maggie Fox, MEC President

Cathy Lindig, MEC Vice President

Rosanna Scollo, Committee Member

Beth DeProspero, AFA Senior Staff Negotiator