Negotiations Update (August 6, 2021)

Dear Flight Attendants,

Your Negotiating Committee met again this week to discuss our upcoming contract negotiations and to continue preparing for those talks.

Contract Survey

By now, you should have completed the contract survey that was emailed to you on July 30th. If you did not receive the survey to the email you listed on your membership application during new hire, please check your spam filter. If it’s not in there, send an email, from your personal email to [email protected] and be sure to include your name as it appears on the roster and your employee number. After your standing is verified by International membership, you will receive the survey or an email from the committee explaining any standing issues, and how to correct them. This process takes time so please do not wait to request a survey!

The survey closes August 20th at 2359 PHX time. Please complete the survey to ensure that your priorities and concerns are heard. As of now, only 27.7% of the members have completed the survey. That percentage must increase in order for us to have an accurate reading of the priorities of the group.

Quick Turn Our Contract

Our current contract took 5+ years to negotiate and we don’t want to go through that again. We want more money now. We want better work rules now. So, let’s ‘quick turn’ this contract now.

Our goal is to focus on the top priorities - our biggest issues - and get those resolved. This isn’t the time for long protracted negotiations. Mesa is doing well, financially, so let’s get in there and get our improvements now.

Our plan is to have a membership zoom meeting during the week of September 13th to discuss expedited negotiations. Log in information will be emailed as soon as the meeting date and time have been finalized.

New Website

Part of our preparation for negotiations includes the creation of an AFA-Mesa website. This has been years in the making! It looks like that will go live on September 1. The website will help keep everyone informed and updated during negotiations and beyond. You’ll be able to find contact information for officers and committee members, sign up for the Elines, change your address with AFA, read all the Elines, download the contract, read negotiations updates and see the AFA calendar. The website will also contain a Q & A page where there will be questions about negotiations posted and answers from a member of the committee. This will be where our contract negotiations discussion takes place instead of on Facebook or other social media platforms. Look for notification that the website has gone live in the near future!

What you can do to help Negotiations

Wear your AFA pin, follow the contract, pick up and display new swag items when they become available. Ask your fellow Flight Attendants if they get these Elines. If not, help them sign up at Stay informed and help spread facts, not fiction!

Remember that Union begins with "U"!

In Unity,

Your Negotiations Team
Maggie Fox, MEC President
Cathy Lindig, MEC Vice President
Rosanna Scollo, Team Member
Beth DeProspero, AFA Staff Negotiator