08/06/2021 NEWSLETTER

Dear DFW Flight Attendants:

Here is more information for how new Councils are built. We still need volunteers for Committees. If you have not already, please let us know if you are interested in volunteering! 


Role of Appointed Officers:

In our last communication we were seeking individuals to serve as officers as well as members to get involved in a committee. Once again, this is necessary in Dallas in order to establish your own council.

How do officer appointments and elections work?

In the event the AFA Executive Board approves our request for your own council, the International President will appoint Temporary Local Officers to serve until elections take place per Article VIII.C. of the AFA Constitution and Bylaws. With appointed Temporary Local Officers in place, elections began within 90 days of the appointment. This is in accordance with Article III.C.5.f.(1).

The appointed officers will work with AFA professional staff members and have all the rights and privileges as an elected officer. This rights would apply at the local, MEC, and International level. The appointed President would serve as a member of Mesa’s MEC.

Budget for the Local:

The newly established Council would be given a budget which is based on members in that council. The officers would be tasked with developing a plan on how to use that budget to support the officers, committees and members of that local ensuring that there is representation in Dallas. 


In Unity,

Traci Hagans, LEC President 88

Maggie Fox, MEC President/LEC President 56