01/30/2022 NEWSLETTER

Dear Flight Attendants:

After a lot of back and forth over SECTION 7. P. 1 and 2, we were able to get the background information and intent behind the language. Please see the red highlighted section below. 

P.        Reassignment

1.     In the event a Line Holder involuntarily loses all or a portion of a Trip, she/he may be given a new Segment(s) for the same day(s) originally scheduled, provided the show time for the new Trip is no earlier than the show time for the originally scheduled Trip. All Credited Time outside of the original “footprint” each day will be paid at premium rates.  

2.     However, a Flight Attendant may be offered and elect to accept an assignment which is earlier than the show time for the originally scheduled duty day and will be paid the appropriate Premium Pay.  (Note: This means you do not have to accept the offered assignment and is by day, not pairing.)

Our initial interpretation of paragraph 2. was not how the negotiators of this contract intended. We have discovered that it only applies to day one of the trip. In short, you CAN BE REASSIGNED TO EARLIER SHOW TIMES EVERY DAY OF YOUR TRIP EXCEPT DAY ONE! You will be paid premium pay for anything outside of your daily footprint. 

Now comes the issue of notification of changes. We have had a number of you report that you are not being notified of changes to your schedule. Let us remind you, legal notification comes from a phone call from the company or viewing your crew web ONLY! Flica, FC View, or another crew member ARE NOT LEGAL NOTIFICATION! If you find out there is a change to your schedule through Flica, FC View or word of mouth from another crew member, you can either check crew web or call scheduling for updates. Until you have checked your crew web, called scheduling or the company has called you, you have not been legally notified. Reserves have a 90 minute call out at all bases. This means the company must give you 90 minutes to make it to your assignment.

Please keep in mind that if your first turn of the trip is cancelled and you have not been notified of the change, you are still expected to be at the airport at your originally scheduled show time. You are responsible for your schedule. We recommend you check crew web or call scheduling for verification of the cancellation or reassignment. 

Remember, you CAN NOT be notified of changes if you are off duty. This includes one hour into your rest period to one hour prior to the end of your rest period. The company can make “courtesy” calls but you are not obligated to answer, however, if the company calls during your duty time, you MUST return the call as soon as practicable. DO NOT ANSWER CALLS IF PAX ARE ONBOARD! Your phone should be turned off and stowed anytime pax are onboard. 

If you are on ready reserve, you only have 5 minutes to return the call, and on regular, you have 15 minutes. 

We are doing our best to help alleviate the contract violations occurring due to lack of training of the scheduling team. We have even offered to provide training on our contract to them. Please continue to notify your LEC Presidents of scheduling issues so that we may handle them. The earlier, the better. We need time to verify and get it changed. Do not argue with the schedulers! 

Please send us screenshots of lengthy wait times. Anything over 20 minutes if you are number 5 in the que or higher. Scheduling management has removed the wait time from the recording. 

The Negotiations Team will be putting out a new update sometime this week, so keep checking the web site! 

Please check the Grievance Info Center for our NSW Grievance that we need your help with! 

Reserve Chairs have been chosen! We are developing a training program for them and plan to hold it in April. Until training is complete, these representatives will not be available to assist you so you should continue to reach out to your LEC Presidents. The new Reserve Committee is:

MEC RSV CHAIR Clark Gonzales

LEC RSV CHAIR - DFW Jacque Godwin
LEC RSV CHAIR - IAD Melissa Stroud
LEC RSV CHAIR - PHX Susanna Diaz

We are excited to get this committee up and running as it is the first Reserve Committee we have had. Before it was only a Chair and there wasn’t any training for them! 

We will be announcing the new Grievance Screening Committee Member soon! 

Nomination ballots for Officer Elections for both Council 56 and 88 will be mailed on January 31! If you are interested in running for office, you must have two nominations. Yourself and one other. Remember, you must be a member in good standing to run for office! 

Please come back to the web site often for new updated information on Mesa AFA!

In Unity,
Your LEC Officer’s